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Somerset Lake Action Committee is a sub committee of The Somerset County Conservancy and was formed in response to the draw down of Somerset Lake in Somerset County PA. the current goals of the committee are to facilitate public support for the lake so that Somerset Lake will be given  a high priority when funding becomes available to rebuild the failing dam. Another goal of the committee is to create a greater recreational opportunity at Somerset Lake by the creation of a county park. You can help us by showing your support. Here is what we need-

    • Write a letter to your state and county representatives to voice your view. Click here to go to the online letter generator,  we will send it in on your behalf.
    • Be involved, we can use highly motivated individuals and groups to join in this effort.
    • Join the Somerset County Conservancy
    • Contribute financially to the fund by clicking donate below, any amount you can give shows your support. All funds will be used in this effort

       PLEASE consider donating, With YOUR help we can save the lake! No amount is too small.

The Somerset County Conservancy is committed to preserving and conserving the important outdoor areas and resources of our county. Somerset Lake has been identified as a Biological Diversity Area in the Somerset County Natural Heritage Inventory. In addition, it boasts one of the best fishing opportunities in the state.

It is an Important Bird Area due to its bird diversity, nesting Osprey, and incredible waterfowl migrations in spring and fall. Recreational opportunities are abundant. Boating, fishing, hunting, bird watching, hiking, nature photography. And one must not forget its educational potentials in getting both adults and children into the outdoors to experience nature. This resource can be saved but we need your help. In the Spring of 2012 a leak was discovered at the base of the dam. This problem coupled with the dam not meeting new federal regulations forced the PA DEP to place it as a high risk dam. The PA Fish and Boat Commission was forced to lower the level of the lake, currently it is down ~ 6 feet. If it gets worse, an additional draw down may be required. It is possible that it could be drained completely at some point in the future if further problems are discovered. The lake will remain at these levels until the dam can be replaced.

Somerset Lake is one of 9 lakes in the Commonwealth that are in the same predicament. Unfortunately, there are only limited amounts of funds to repair or replace these dams. We need to show the state that this lake is important to us, without this it is unlikely that funds will be allocated. The Somerset County Conservancy is organizing the effort to save Somerset Lake. The Conservancy has formed a committee called Somerset Lake Action Committee. This committee will function to bring together interested groups and individuals interested in keeping this important community resource and raise awareness within the state and county governments.

If your interested in hearing an interview by the Daily American, click here to go to to the DA Live SLAC interview

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This is YOUR resource, and we need you to help us. Here is how you can help-

We are currently accepting donations to help save Somerset Lake. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used in this effort. Click the “Donate Now” button below, Thanks!

Somerset Lake is a great place to observe and photograph wildlife! This is a Great Blue Heron at sunrise
Somerset Lake is a great place to observe and photograph wildlife! This is a Great Blue Heron at sunrise