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The Somerset County Conservancy provides for the permanent protection of land and its resources. We offer stewardship, education, and advice for the preservation and enhancement of natural, scenic, agricultural,  historic, and open space land.

The Somerset County Conservancy was formed in 1994. Our initial projects included taking ownership of lands for passive AMD treatment facilities on Oven Run, a tributary to the Stonycreek River. These “restoration” projects now occupy five sites and approximately 192 acres. The board and membership consists of volunteers providing knowledge, time, and dedication to the preservation and restoration of natural, scenic, historic, and open space lands.

The following is an abbreviated listing of the primary purposes of the Somerset County Conservancy:

  • To promote for the benefit of the general public the preservation, restoration, and improvement of natural resources principally in, but not limited to the geographical boundaries of Somerset County. The resources shall include land and water resources, the plant and animal life thereon, and unique scenic, natural, and historic sites.
  • To engage in and promote the scientific study and education regarding such natural resources.
  • To use all properties held or controlled by the corporation and the net earnings thereof for the benefit of the general public and for charitable, educational, recreational, conservation, scientific, and historical purposes.

A conservancy is in the business of preserving land in a substantially natural state with an intact natural ecosystem maintaining as much as possible of the flora and fauna native to that particular habitat. Sometimes rehabilitation projects are undertaken by conservancies to help repair or restore previously damaged or altered land or some of their constituent parts such as their water, wetlands, forests or open grasslands or open meadows.

Today the Somerset County Conservancy (SCC) is actively engaged in preserving and protecting our county’s land and natural resources. The work of the SCC is often directed towards saving habitats that contain imperiled species of plants and animals. In preserving these natural habitats, a host of other more common species will often thrive as well

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2024 Somerset Conservancy Officers:

Jeff Payne DVM, President
Scott Bastian DVM, Vice President
Sue Moon,  Secretary / Treasurer


Fred Will
Bob Hook
Harvey Frankel
Roger Latuch
Jim Moses

Dave Mankamyer
Brooke Mishler
Steve Peck
Pam Diesel

Dan Jenkins