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To send a letter to your state and county officials in support of Somerset Lake please fill out this form. Your name and address are required to make the letter official and act as your signature, we do need this for every letter we send. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, we take the letters generated from this and mail them to where thy need to go on your behalf. A sample letter is provided below the letter generator.

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Sample letter to be sent on your behalf, the activities and text will change slightly based on your check box selections

Representative Carl Metzgar
Senator Richard Kasunic
Director John Arway Month, 2014


I am writing to you to express my concerns over the plight of Somerset Lake in Somerset County. The dam on this important lake has been labeled unsafe and the lake has been drawn down considerably. This has very negative consequences for recreation, wildlife, and the local economy.
I use Somerset Lake for hiking, bird watching and other nature related activities. There is incredible diversity at Somerset Lake. For birding, Somerset Lake is amongst the best in the state with a bird list of over 250 species. Additionally, the National Audubon Society has identified the lake as an Important Bird Area because it supports spectacular migrations of waterfowl in the spring and fall. Nesting birds include the state threatened Osprey. Shorebirds, swallows, warblers, orioles, Bald Eagles and other raptors, and many sparrows are regular visitors. In addition many state rarities have occurred at the lake and birders travel from all over the state to look for these uncommon birds.
Of course outdoor relaxation is a great attribute of Somerset Lake with this open area being less than a mile from downtown Somerset. Whether eating lunch at a parking lot overlooking the lake or taking a hike on the new trail built by the Somerset County Conservancy, the lake offers a convenient natural area to get away from the hustle of town. The current trail on the west side makes for some great hikes and a great trail to view the wildlife. With approximately 5 miles of shoreline it will be great to see the trail extended around the entire lake.
Additionally, Somerset Lake is economically important both due to the direct money spent by visitors coming to the lake as well as adding convenient recreation for visitors coming for other reasons and staying in one of the over 300 hotel rooms located within 1/2 mile of the lake. Visiting our lake can be an enjoyable activity for these visitors. Employers appreciate having convenient outdoor recreation areas to tout as one of the attractive attributes of living and working in Somerset County.
I would like to add my name to the list joining the efforts of the Somerset County Conservancy 501 (c) 3 and their Somerset Lake Action Committee to try to find the financial resources necessary to replace the dam and restore this important asset of Somerset County. Private donations, however, will not be enough to fund this effort and I am asking for the PA Fish and Boat Commission and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to come together to find the necessary resources to repair and restore this public jewel.


John Doe
1 Center Ave.
Somerset, PA 15501