Raising funds for the Menser Farm Preserve

      Greetings from the Somerset County Conservancy.  We would like to tell you about a project we are undertaking in which you may be interested in helping out.  The Conservancy is in the process of purchasing a 275 acre property adjacent to our existing Kimberly Run Natural Area just SE of Somerset.  Our goal is to extend the area protected from future development, keeping it open for public recreation, and enhance the wildlife habitat.

            As you may know, our 373 acre Kimberly Run Natural Area is a jewel of a property. With older growth forest, large warm season grass fields, wetlands, education programs and other activities, four miles of hiking trails, stocked trout and pheasants, and many other natural wonders, it is SCC’s premier property. Public access to these natural wonders have been well received by the community.  Recently we got the opportunity to negotiate on the adjoining 275 acre Menser farm and recently signed a sales agreement!  Adding this property of woodlands, old fields and shrub-scrub swamplands will help protect the core of KRNA, add the potential for several miles of trails and expand the area open to the public to over one square mile within sight of Somerset.

            Adding this much land, of course, comes at a cost. With land cost, appraisals, surveys, Phase One environmental study and legal fees, it will be around $400,000.00.  The SCC will be applying through PA DCNR for a matching C2P2 grant and have started that process.  While we have some funds set aside for just such an opportunity, our goal is to raise as much of the $200,000.00 match as possible to leave money in the KRNA Stewardship and Maintenance fund for long-term care.  Would you be able to help our effort? 

            We know that you share many of our values in protecting land and encouraging public access.  Maybe you have even visited the fields and forests of Kimberly Run Natural Area or plan to soon.  A donation for this valuable acquisition project would be most appreciated.

            We are working hard to improve the Kimberly Run Natural Area and, as always, consider you a part of our team!

Menser Farm Preserve outlined in RED



____ $50,000.00+    Mighty Oak

Towering over the surrounding forest and spreading its branches wide, this majestic giant looms sturdily over the rest of the forest.  Support at this level adopts and protects 35 acres for present and future residents to enjoy.

____ $25,000.00+   Keystone Hemlock

           The dense canopy of this, our state tree, shade and cool Kimberly Run, our trails and the surrounding land while supplying food and nesting cover for many of the birds of our Natural Area.  Support at this level adopts and protects 17 acres.

 ____ $10,000.00+   Mountain Laurel

           The evergreen leaf and early June flower of this familiar shrub are an important home for many of the migrant birds and resident mammals of Kimberly Run Natural Area.  Support

at this level protects trails and 7 acres of the new preserve.

 ____    $5,000.00+  Appalachian Blue Violet

This lovely plant was first found and described in the present Kimberly Run Natural Area.  Representing one of the many species of wildflowers both aesthetically pleasing and of multiple uses to be found in this preserved space.  Support at this level protects them and 3.5 acres.

 ____     $2,500.00+  Big Bluestem

           Representing an important native species in KRNA’s extensive grasslands, this bunch grass allows many other herbaceous forbs to grow amongst its tall stalks sheltering birds and mammals.  This level supports many individuals of these species and nearly 2 acres.

____    $1,000.00+  Lady’s Slipper

           Uncommon showy and ephemeral, this beautiful flower represents one of the magical wonders to be found with diligent searching in Kimberly Run Natural Area.  Support at this level protects and preserves a 3/4 acre piece of this large, contiguous area.

 ____       $500.00+ Cinnamon Fern

One of many fern species in KRNA, this moist-ground loving plant blankets several areas throughout the preserve making a home for many of our small mammals and amphibians.  Support at this level protects 15,000 square feet of this habitat.

   ____      $100.00+  Bog Sundew

           This small carnivorous, insect-digesting plant is common in several of the bog areas to be found at KRNA.  Support at this level with many others is all import in saving this area for future generations.

____       Other Donation    $_________

Donations may be mailed to Somerset County Conservancy

PO Box 241

Somerset, PA  15501